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African Descendants and Diaspora Network (ADDN)

aka "The Club"

The African Descendant and Diaspora Network (ADDN) is a global Support Service and hub for African engendered people everywhere in the world.

It is being established to address specific issues impacting Continental Africans and their descendant diaspora around the planet.

The regular and consistent murdering of innocent African Americans, illegal deportation and abuse of Caribbean people in the UK, the constant stealing of resources from continental Africa, the constant mistreatment across the board of African descended populations world-wide.

It has long been understood that no matter how much division is sown, the African people are one and where one has been hurt, all are affected and feel that pain.

Pan-Africanism has swept the continent and Africa is once again becoming united, but unity is not just to be achieved across the various governments of the continental African states, but also via the diasporic populations world-wide.

There are some 1.3 billion Africans or African descendant people on the planet and each one of them has at some point and perhaps even constantly throughout their lives, felt the unwarranted and unjustified pain or suffering of a fellow African of any ilk or geographic location.

People living in the UK have cried tears over the atrocities carried out by the Belgians and the French in the Congo, they have been traumatised by the historical treatment of the Africans sold into slavery in the US and still today the consistent murdering, persecution and abuse of innocent, unarmed, African American people, even the recent unjustified evictions of Africans from their homes and the denial of basic human necessities and rights in China.

The pain of repression, oppression, denial and treachery has been absorbed into the cultural fabric of the African global populations for what must now be aeons but that which has not killed us has only served to increase the call for planetary civil justice.

Kwame Nkofu


Africans today and yesterday

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