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How to Subscribe

The aim of the ADDN is to not only level the playing field but to provide all Africans with protections to life and liberty world-wide.

The Network operates like a huge private club and is able to set its own rules in what it does and how it operates.

If you are sick and tired of watching your children starve or be murdered, your families cheated and mistreated and your people in constant pain and suffering, join the club!

The initial membership fee is just £10 for adults and £5 for children under 18 or the equivalent amount in your local currency.

Club membership is open to every single African in existence regardless of geographical location or circumstance and its protections are extended to all.

Justice is Universal.

Please Enjoy This Video and Submit Your Details Below



We are currently recruiting for legal practitioners of every discipline, Judges, Barristers, Attorneys, Litigators, Law clerks, Paralegals, Legal researchers and students. 

We are also currently registering Accountants and finance managers at all levels.

All members join the club with a volunteer status, but will be paid for their service according to assignments, cases and tasks.

Ultimately, whatever your skill set or vocation in life, WE NEED YOU!

To register your skill, please submit the form below.

Thank you.


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