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Funding Projects and Services

Your help is crucial in funding the much needed projects and services for our communities and you can now choose which project or service you would like your donation to specifically support.  Please make your selection below.  

If like us, you do not like to see people starving to death in their own homes, children going hungry or people without a home or living in sub-par accommodations, please make a donation.

We Thank you for your support.


Rent-to-Own Housing Program

The Rent-to-Own Housing Program for vulnerable people and people on low incomes is designed to be launched  with 40 new build SMART homes in the Leeds area. To make a pledge to support this program please click here... 


  Community Kitchen (CK) - Leeds

Healthy eating is essential. The CK program is now seeking funds to establish a healthier option food service to address issues of food insecurity and child poverty. Please help by making your donation here...


S TORM Online Support Services (SOS)

STORM has a range of services currently at different stages of development. Some of which are already active. These services are a lifeline for many vulnerable people and households who otherwise might not receive any support. Services include free Legal Support, Individual Finance Assistance, Online Care Support (OCS) and Community Support Outreach. Support these services here...


The treatment of the Windrush generation was a major scandal and a deeply shameful set of actions on the part of the British government administrators. The issues and suffering that those actions created are still ongoing, exacerbated even by the onset of the pandemic. STORM is committed to doing whatever is needed to alleviate some of the trauma and distress caused by these actions. We are working to establish a fund which will remain in perpetuity to combat prejudice not only for the Windrush victims but for the generations to come. Make your contribution here...

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