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Health, Wellbeing and Longevity...

The world is changing everyday and ever faster. With the advancement of technology and science, people are also living much longer. Not only can we now expect to live much longer, but also maintain better and more youthful health. Imagine living 50, 60 years beyond the current retirement age and still being active and healthy. This is undoubtedly the future. However because we are living longer, healthier lives, we also need new services that can support individuals into this new age of longevity. Helping them to make sense of this emerging situation. Making a donation to STORM is making a contribution to a better world.


All donations go towards providing services and programs which benefit vulnerable groups and people.  Go to the shopping cart icon on top right  corner of website to complete payment, after you have clicked on 'Add to Cart' below. Thank you for you donation and contribution.

All purchases help to provide better services and projects 

The Windrush Heritage Fund

Any money that we receive as a contribution or a donation helps us to be less reliant on grant funding. 

This means that we can design and implement services that benefit vulnerable people much quicker and with greater certainty. 

Whether it is assisting an individual with legal costs, improving overall wellbeing or developing affordable housing initiatives, the future belongs to everyone, so make a contribution .

Thank you.

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