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Online Care Support (OCS) 

New technologies and online activities have become increasingly important  to sustain wellbeing and manage a healthy lifestyle. 

Unfortunately things are changing so quickly that many people are in danger of being left behind and unable to access critical services they might need to sustain their wellbeing.

The Online Care Support Service (OCS) is designed to provide vulnerable people and others with support for better use of technologies to improve overall wellbeing as well as access critical services and assistance. 


Whether you are feeling isolated, affected by food insecurity or have specific support needs regarding mental health, housing, family or employment issues, you can register here to get assistance. 

Some services can be provided free of charge others may require payment. You do not have to be in receipt of benefit to use this service as it is also for low income households or in fact anyone who might need a little help. 

This service is confidential and you can use any name you choose for contact as we have strict policies for safeguarding individuals and privacy.  

Complete the form below or send us a message and you will be contacted shortly to discuss your issue.

Thank you.


Please provide your post code location*

What support or assistance do you require?*

Do you currently have your own internet access?*

Do you currently have access to your own computer device?*

Are you currently in receipt of benefits or classed as low income?*

Are you able to make a contribution towards the cost of services?*

Would you be happy to receive support to find out whether you can receive additional financial assistance?

How do you prefer to be contacted?*

Please provide you phone contact number

Please provide your email address

Finally. Thank you for completing this form. You will be contacted shortly regarding your requirements. Please let us know any relevant information that would be useful to provide you with the best service.*

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