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The outbreak of Covid-19 is causing more pressure and stress in the home as families struggle to cope with restrictions and a lock-down situation.

This has given rise to an even greater increase in domestic abuse incidents. 

Domestic abuse affects the whole family and can have devastating and lasting effects on children, young people and spouses.  

Don't suffer in silence. You are not alone. GET HELP!


Free Legal Support Service


Our Legal Support Service is a free and confidential service designed to provide legal support to individuals of any age, race, or cultural background on legal civil or social issues. This might include anything from concerns of unfair treatment from government departments through to issues of health and well-being, employment, education, or family matters. Having an organization in place that is on your side and ready to assist you in addressing the issue, can go a long way in alleviating the stress of the situation.  

To request assistance just click on the link and complete the COMPLAINT FORM or send a message below. 

Latest News

We have recently started to  provide legal support to people outside of the Leeds area. Consequently, we need your support by becoming a volunteer at STORM and becoming part of an organization that cares.


The Legal Support Service currently has team of volunteers donating their time to assist vulnerable people in need of legal support.

Who is it for? 

The STORM Legal Support Service is designed to provide individuals of any age, race or cultural  background support and service where needed.

What will this service provide you?

Here are just some of the things we can assist you with whilst providing you with legal support:

  • f inding and obtaining free legal advice;
  • u nderstanding official forms;
  • u nderstanding how to fill in official forms;
  • e xplaining the meaning of technical terms in legal documents;
  • u nderstanding who to bring a complaint to;

**List of services continued in the next box -**

Our Services for you contd.

  • contacting a government department or public body;
  • writing letters on your behalf in English, if you find English difficult;
  • talking to your legal representative, if you find English difficult;
  • finding alternatives to solving disputes, such as mediation;
  • obtaining and retrieving official documents;
  • making enquiries on your behalf;
  • obtaining financial assistance, if possible;
  • undertaking research in relation to an issue you are having.

Further more, should you be facing financial difficulty, we aim to work for free with the legal professional representing you.

This may be via undertaking legal research or providing paralegal services. Doing so assists in cutting the legal costs you would normally face.

Get in touch with us to discuss your civil or legal requirements

Get the support you need.


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Windrush Related

In these cases there have been Civil and may be even Human rights abuses which have still yet to be addressed.

Had these victims been network members they would have had access to immediate representation and an organization working on their behalf to provide them with legal protection from the start.

We aim to provide support, from arbitration to litigation to ensure the rights of the individual are affirmed


Work place related matters, bullying and harassment are common occurrences which can be particularly tricky for the individual to address as they are dealing with perhaps someone who pays their wages or is responsible for their advancement within the company. Having an organization working on your behalf in such a situation is a definite benefit for resolving the issue

Civil Matters

Even the police are also subject to legal recourse, but often times even though there is a lot of wrong doing, unfair treatment and abuse that occurs with their treatment of individuals, there are generally no consequences for their actions since the individual, cannot afford representation, is afraid to make a complaint or is fobbed off until he or she gives up.

What our customers are saying

I came across Storm Global Network as I'm currently in the Windrush process. I have been speaking with Mr Croesus Delta in regards to my matter.  He has been really fantastic by accepting me and working on my issue. Mr Delta  has been very supportive and is  clearly a  very good professional. I cannot thank him and Storm for the way they are helping me.

Thank you!



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