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Support and Assistance with New Technologies to improve and sustain wellbeing...

The Online Care Support Service (OCS) provides vulnerable people and others with support and assistance in utilizing available technologies to improve overall wellbeing and to access critical support and services. 


New technologies improve individual wellbeing..

It is a fact that access to and the regular use of a personal computer can improve an individual's wellbeing as well as provide access to support, services, training and even social events  while reducing risk of many becoming socially isolated or left behind.

A service designed for you...

The On-line Care Support Service (OCS) is designed to address some of the issues and effects of Social Isolation and other wellbeing concerns. 

Beneficiaries and clients can receive a computer, broadband service assistance, online or in-home computer training, a needs assessment and regular ongoing support as needed.

The service will soon again be available to qualifying individuals, residents and households throughout the Leeds area.

Qualifying applicants can be of any age and at risk of being affected by any social issue or concern and would benefit from some support.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, please 

REGISTER for service.

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