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Induction Day

August 15, 2018

We begin our journey towards the Online Care Support Service which will be delivered for a period of one year. We will be hosting our induction day to give an overview to all the volunteers and staff on the purpose and plan for this project.  Feel free to join us on our journey.

The induction is set for Wednesday 15th. August 2018 in the training room at Hamara, 279 Tempest Road, Beeston, Leeds LS11 6RD from 4pm – 6pm.


The Online Care Support Service journey begins thanks to volunteers and board members who launched the induction phase of the programme.   We have some fantastic volunteers already, Julius Akera who will be joining Storm as a PC trainer and helping train the beneficiaries as part of the programme.  

We also have Kezia Amankwaa, who will be playing the role of the Care Support Outreach worker for the project. She will help identify the recipients of this programme by conducting interviews and surveys.  Thanks to both Julius and Kezia for joining us as we move forward.



The actions of the UK government in regards to the Windrush situation is no less than persecution of vulnerable people.

It is clear that what is occurring is blatant and aggressive HARASSMENT. 

But no lawyer seeks to file a collective injunction against the administration

The presumption of law is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty and yet, people are being detained for committing no crime, deported, threatened PERSECUTED, after legally establishing residency going back 40, 50 years.

Even a newly arrived resident has rights.

The government cannot seek to suddenly attack a particular group of citizens with no justification unless we now exist in a fascist state. 

Is the British government a FASCIST government?

No one is above the law and that includes government officials and policy makers. 

The governments actions in these cases is both immoral and  in many cases, illegal.

Still the legal community takes no action.

One would expect to see cases being brought, injunctions being applied, personal suits for injury, filed, but no, just the constant cries and heart rending screams of a group of citizens, fearful and suffering from the attack of a brutal regime administering policies born of pure hatred.

Any objective observer, looking at the actions of the government and its administrators can clearly see that this has all been contrived and carried out by intent, with malice aforethought by those that have sworn to uphold the rights of citizens and provide them with protection.

It is almost too disgusting, too offensive, to be believed.

It is no wonder that young people have taken to walking around carrying big knives to protect themselves, given the actions of those who are sworn to protect them.

Mental cruelty, physical detainment, spiritual oppression, unfair treatment and psychological abuse -  disguised as government policy

The government is in effect turning these people into refugees and then stranding (as in leaving them stranded), in a place that is all but alien to them, with no means of support., at 60, 70 years old.

One might be forgiven for assuming that whoever is running this show, is not of human origin... Perhaps we need to enquire of Her Majesty, why her government believes that they can behave in this clearly deplorable fashion.




WINDRUSH – The Longest Journey

The long journey to freedom and equality yet to be attained...

The difference between an illegal immigrant and a naturalised citizen is vast. The people the government are victimising and abusing came from an all but, completely naturalised, population.

In Jamaica the British took over from the Spanish in 1655 and the people and the country remained colonized until 1962 when Jamaica became independent.

Between 1655 and 1962, over 300 years, a process of naturalisation was carried out principally when the colonized people were needed to fight in the first and second European wars.

The Queen was their Queen, this was the Mother country and they are British subjects. These people may only have 400 or 500 years of indoctrination or induction into British citizenry, but they certainly have rights. Firstly, as a human being and secondly as a British citizen, whether or not.

It seems that the administration cannot keep themselves from abusing these people. From inviting them as British subjects to assist in the rebuilding of post-war Britain and then subjecting them to decades of racism and unfair treatment to now harassing the entire population under threat of deportation if boxes are not ticked and irretrievable, even deliberately destroyed documentation is not produced.

Destroying the landing cards, the proof, if proof were really needed, that many of these people, who are even still living, came here legally in a time when the country needed them, is a deliberate and criminal act. 

The willful destruction of public property.

What's next, birth certificates? Voting registers? Tax forms? Think about it.

So who ordered this? Who conspired and planned this act of gross negligence? An interesting question, not to be answered here.

Even in cases where clear and irrefutable evidence is provided by these victims, the two week processing time turns into greater than two months and this is as part of a fix for the radical governmental policy which was used to devastate the lives of thousands of innocent people in the first place. A job and a process that the average 10 year old could manage with ease. 

One could be forgiven for thinking that this is just another unwarranted assault on a vulnerable law abiding population who with or without proof and evidence in hand, have more than established their legitimacy and inalienable right to be treated with the utmost dignity, respect and human decency.

These people cannot change, this is their home for good or ill but once again their lives are being forcibly disrupted with many being illegally removed from their homes, separated from their family members, uprooted and shipped to another place, against their will. 

Is there not a name for a government that persecutes its own citizens? Think about it.

The government is effectively persecuting these people and turning them into refugees. 

While the administration complains about Trump and his treatment of his so called European allies, is their conduct any better?

It seems to me that the intentional devastation of an individual’s life, especially one who has committed no criminal offence, is a citizen and who the country in fact may owe a huge debt is not only heinous in the extreme, but also criminal in many aspects.

There is no quick fix for this. The effects will be felt by victim, tormentor and perpetrator for quite some time especially if law is equally applied to the administrative misconduct to date.

The victims continue to fight injustice after injustice and the administration continues its affront, only this time the victims have a clear opportunity to receive just reparation and change society for the better.

Kwami Njoko

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