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"The Club"

The ADDN is designed to implement external strategies to combat all instances of unfair treatment and abuse firstly by establishing an international virtual army of legal intellect able to address issues at every level.

This battery of legal practitioners, researchers and scholars will be charged with providing full and proper legal defence and recourse for any Sovereign African, descendant, individual or diaspore.

They will be charged with not only supporting and ensuring fair and proper legal protections for Africans anywhere in the world, but also have the capacity to scrutinize all past, present and future commercial contracts and agreements while mounting legal challenges and filing suits where ever elements of malfeasance, unfair treatment and injustice has occurred or is in existence.

They will be made available and accessible to heads of state and leaders who are being pressured or coerced by external forces to act against the best interests of their populations at the detriment of the national economies.

They will also revisit and investigate the circumstances of all Black leaders in the Hague.

They will provide the foundation for the global protection of all Africans while affording the opportunity for specialist groups to lobby and petition for the rights of individuals and groups.

This is the first thing, the enforcement and implementation of legal protection for all African people, governments and leaders on the planet.

Secondly, money management, resource management and record keeping, here again the aim is to institute a brigade of highly qualified and experienced accountants at all levels from corporate and chartered to basic book keepers.

This highly resourced and skilled international team will be charged with keeping track of investments, payments and receipts, financial account management, wealth assessment, asset protection internal and external auditing.

Once both of these entities have been instituted we can then move on to addressing specific issues as a matter of priority, both on the continent as well as within the diaspora through the implementation of innovative plans and programs.

The advent of new technologies enables people to connect globally and we should work to ensure that no group or individual anywhere in the world is left out from the protections that this organization is designed to provide.

We want to enlist the support of every YouTube and Facebook subscriber, every Smart phone user, every student, shop worker, farmer, security guard and cleaner, every pop star, every footballer, every engineer, architect and designer.

Economically, creatively and intellectually Africans around the world have contributed a great deal to the  richness of human life and diversity, however they remain ostensibly amongst the most beleaguered communities in existence.

This is not entirely due to a lack of opportunity or productivity, but the deliberate and malevolent interference, influence and disruptive tactics of external forces designed to “hold one race superior and another inferior”.

Poor people are not able to invest in themselves let alone FMCGs or new technologies as shareholders and owners, they therefore remain poor and tithed to systems and institutions that are fundamentally designed to oppress them and strip them of all sovereign dignity.

As a feature, the ADDN allows every member or subscriber to become a shareholder in the assets and the profits of network. Members will be able to share directly in the collective credit, liquidity and shareholdings of the group.

The ADDN will carry news of African descendant communities around the word and act as the official hub for all Africans to link and connect whether for business or social purposes.

Many currently give our hard earned money to corporations like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Abercrombie and Fitch, BMW and Lincoln. Anything left over we give to church on Sunday. This is all well and good, but it is time that provision was made to invest in ourselves on every level, from community based trusts to agricultural conglomerates for the benefit of all. 

It is the aim of the ADDN to ensure that every living African is provided with whatever they need to enjoy a fulfilled and sustained life of bounty and richness, as is the right of all people and to be protected from those that seek to do us harm wherever we are in the world. 

The initial goal is to raise a target amount of just £50m to facilitate the aims as described. 

This is a call to action and everyone is required to do their part. 

To become a member or to subscribe to the ADDN Click here.

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