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Latest News

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our Online Support Services and other Projects.  We have numerous roles available, so please contact us  if you are keen to join the network.


Click here to see the roles


STORM constantly has new volunteers joining the network at Director level and in all other roles,    click here   to learn more about who we are? or to apply as a volunteer.


If you are looking to apply for volunteer  roles at Storm, you need to submit a CV.  Here are some links that can help you build a personal CV. 



Community Organisations

If you are searching for organisations that  work in the space of community development and provide support to people who have  great ideas, here is a link to get you going in the Leeds region.


There is nothing more important  than the environment we live in. So we at Storm advocate everyone to do their best to minimize their carbon footprint.  Take steps to reduce your waste, stop purchasing one off plastic bags, reuse old clothes, source organic environmentally friendly food.   Each step counts .

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