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Windrush Heritage Fund

The Windrush Heritage Fund is being established to provide much needed legal and social support for the Windrush Generation and their families.

The trauma that they have experienced as victims of the establishment's hostility towards them and others has left many of their lives completely devastated, destroyed or in perpetual confusion.

The fund aims to raise money to establish a Trust for the benefit of these victims which will remain in perpetuity to assist where it is needed also for generations to come and other victims of unfair treatment.

Please click here to make a donation: Windrush Heritage Fund


A government that let its very own people down...

The actions of the UK government in regards to the Windrush situation is no less than persecution of vulnerable people.

It is clear that what is occurring is blatant and aggressive harassment. But no lawyer seeks to file a collective injunction against the administration. The presumption of law is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty and yet, people are being detained for committing no crime, deported, threatened Persecuted, after legally establishing residency going back 40, 50 years. Even a newly arrived resident has rights. The government cannot seek to suddenly attack a particular group of citizens with no justification unless we now exist in a fascist state.

No one is above the law and that includes government officials and policy makers. The governments actions in these cases is both immoral and in many cases, illegal. Still the legal community takes no action. One would expect to see cases being brought, injunctions being applied, personal suits for injury, filed, but no, just the constant cries and heart rending screams of a group of citizens, fearful and suffering from the attack of a brutal regime administering policies born of pure hatred.

Any objective observer, looking at the actions of the government and its administrators can clearly see that this has all been contrived and carried out by intent, with malice aforethought by those that have sworn to uphold the rights of citizens and provide them with protection. Mental cruelty, physical detainment, spiritual oppression, unfair treatment and psychological abuse - disguised as government policy. The government is in effect turning these people into refugees and then stranding (as in leaving them stranded), in a place that is all but alien to them, with no means of support., at 60, 70 years old. Perhaps we need to enquire of Her Majesty, why her government believes that they can behave in this clearly deplorable and inhumane fashion.

Real people are suffering and in need of help.

This fund is being established to provide proper support and assistance for the victims as they have been completely left in the hands of their tormentors with no protection of their rights, explanation or advice.


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